Ohio Valley Podcasts: We Need More Local Podcasts

I’ve said it a million times - the Ohio Valley is 5-years behind Pittsburgh.

It’s not always a bad thing. We have an advantage as an Ohio Valley business to let the bigger markets be our test dummies. It sucks that we don’t get the newest stores and entertainment offerings until years later (can we please get more than one Chipotle), but I will take the win on being able to copy Pittsburgh and Columbus.

What can we copy now and be ahead of the competition by 5 years?

I’ve discussed how the Ohio Valley needs to work on its PPC game.

I also have a few articles about local SEO and business listings.

  • Facebook advertising - Check
  • Instagram Followers - Check
  • LinkedIn Posts - Check
  • SnapChat Filters - Check

You probably are looking for something new. A new way to get those eyeballs…or in this case, ear holes.

Let’s talk about podcasts.

What is a Podcast?

I’m sure everyone has heard of a podcast by now. They have been around for years and some major players tout their involvement in the podcast medium. The early days saw some unfamiliar names gain mainstream popularity by taking on this modern-day “radio show”. Marc Maron and Joe Rogan launched very successful podcasts that brought them advertising dollars and huge guests (presidents and a-list celebs).

Apple Podcasts Top Podcasts Screenshot

A podcast is an audio recording you stream or download from the internet - often for free. There is not a standard format. No rules. It is not one-size-fits-all and you can get it to the public in a variety of ways. Anyone can do it - easily.

Unlike other forms of marketing, you don’t have to put a ton of money into getting a podcast launched. There are free apps on your phone that allow you to record, edit, and post. If you have a device that connects to the internet and allows you to record, you can publish a podcast.

Where do I get Podcasts?

You can download or stream podcasts from multiple sources. The most common is to listen from your phone. Apple devices have an app called Apple Podcast that comes on the default installation. Android devices also have Google Podcasts.

Popular Apps or Streaming Platforms

And a million more…

If you don’t want to listen from your phone, you can also use your computer for many of these platforms. We even have the ability to embed podcasts on webpages and listen right from the page.


How do I make a podcast?

Once again, phones make is easy and possible. There are tools and apps that allow you to record right from your phone and upload it to all of the popular podcast platforms (Anchor). My brother took advantage of this in 2019 and has 100+ podcasts published.

Would I recommend just recording from your phone and immediately uploading to the web? Probably not. I would at least invest some time and money in some quality microphones and design work. Unless you are simply doing it for fun, people want to listen to a quality recording. People also judge your podcast by your cover art.

Zurg with some podcasting equipment
Earphones, Microphones, Zoom Recorder, and Zurg. We are ready to dominate.

You don’t have to be perfect from the start. Maybe you launch a podcast and find out you really have something to say and people want to listen. You might then invest in an actual recorder, standard equipment, and web hosting. There are plenty of resources and how-to articles showing you how to launch a successful podcast for cheap.

Why Podcast? Local Podcasts Will Work

Go ahead and download one of those podcast platforms and type a topic in the search.

Refine that search and add your city name.

Did you have any luck finding a local podcast about your niche? I’m guessing no.

Granted, people aren’t searching for the city with their terms - but people do prefer a local take. If you had the choice between a random guy in Boise talking about fantasy football or your local sports reporter taking fantasy, you would probably pick the local. People like to shop local and people will listen to local podcasts.

Spotify Screenshot for Local Podcasts in Wheeling, WV

Sure, if you aren’t as good or convenient, you might not get the listen. Amazon beats out the local toy store because of these factors (sometimes). The key here is - there is almost NO competition locally. The Ohio Valley doesn’t have many podcasts yet.

Target Local - Make Local Podcasts Happen

Local business owner, you have a smartphone. You probably have an advertising budget. You have someone in your business that ‘talks’. Make something happen. Get a local podcast off of the ground. Spend some money to advertise the podcast. Enjoy that space all by yourself.

Own the medium….

…for five years…

then the Ohio Valley will finally catch up.

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