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Are you tired of guessing and hearing endless sales pitches from local media reps? It's exhausting. Strong Minded Agency does the heavy lifting. We research and test to see what will work for your business. We use analytics and results to determine where you should spend your time and money.
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Why Work with a Marketing Agency?

Strong Minds are Fueled by Strong Minded Agency


Digital, Radio, Billboard, TV, Cable, Newspaper - we've done it all.


Our connections allow us to get you the help you need and get in front of the people that matter.


We've spent years perfecting our process to save you time and money - reaching your goals faster.


Let us help you move in the right direction with honestly, transparency, and guidance.

SMA is the Right Choice

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Strong Minded Core Values

What We Believe

When deciding to partner with us, you will notice that we wear our values on our sleeve. We hire, promote, and live by our core values.

Helping business owners since 1999

Continuous Improvement



Respect the Process

Working With Our Agency

Strong Minded Proven Process

One Call Close

Get everything you need in ONE SINGLE CALL. Prices, timelines, deliverables - you ask it and we will have an answer.

Getting to Know You

Let's learn more about your business and most importantly your GOALS. Understanding what you consider a WIN is what we grade ourselves on.

Research & Setup

Let's configure our tools, get access to our necessary marketing channels, and do a little more hardcore research before we start acting.

Action Plan

We know your goals. We know what we need to do. Let's put our strategic plan into motion with clear objectives, deliverables, and actions.

Show Our Work

Based on our actions and our process, we will get you your desired results. Let's review the data and talk about our results.

Trust the Process

You have more goals, right? Let's get back to it and adjust our goals and create an action plan to move you further.
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