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Luke Hladek

Luke is a storyteller at heart. It’s what led him into – and ultimately out of – the classroom as he transitioned from science teacher to advancement director to marketing specialist over a 15-year career in education. His strength in finding brand voices has provided heartfelt communication strategies to organizations from all industries.

Luke has a knack for finding the humanity – and the fun – in any workplace and for providing an atmosphere folks are proud to support.

From his time as a teacher until now, Luke regularly bucked the trends of tradition and encouraged those around him to listen to new ideas and new voices, which often provided opportunities to the overlooked and inspiration from unlikely places. He believes in a ‘lead from the middle’ mentality in which his skills raise the level of those around him.

Successful Partnerships

‘Allow yourself to be yourself.’

Luke Hladek
Career of Storytelling & Creativity

Background & Success

Luke excels at taking your story and building innovative ideas around it, creating narratives that captivate and guide customers on their journey. His imaginative approach and ability to find unique angles make his storytelling one of his most remarkable skills.


Creative Services

A quick look at Luke’s childhood report cards will show you two things each and every year:

  • Boy is he creative.
  • And he talks…a lot.

It’s that passion for telling a good story that motivated a mid-career pivot away from school and toward brand marketing. He loves finding the nuance and the unique spins on what many see as every day, and it’s what causes him to say ‘at least it’ll be a good story’ even on – especially on – the worst of days. It’s also what allows Luke to find the heart of an organization, make it attractive to customers, and, ultimately, develop the loyalty that brings them back again and again.

Share with others how you feel, not how they should feel, and you’ll be a whole lot more relatable. Ironically, those sincere, unique moments help separate you from the pack yet connect you with the crowd. That goes for people and companies alike.

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