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Your website is your #1 marketing tool, and with Strong Minded Agency, it's more than just a pretty design – it's a strategic approach to attract customers through compelling content, professional design, and seamless functionality. Let us help you build a personalized and unique website that aligns with your brand, whether it's for small business needs, responsive design for mobile users, or the lucrative world of eCommerce.
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Building Strong Websites


You know your business and products - but how do get users to connect with your brand? It's all about what you say and how you say it. Copyrighting is important to attract and convert.


In a world where the more words you put on the page determines your success, how can you avoid creating content that looks like a dictionary? Professional Web Designers know how.


There's an easier way. Technology allows us to eliminate some of the most time-consuming, trivial tasks. Your website can solve your problems and give you back some of your time (and money).
Websites of All Shapes and Sizes

Building Your Website

Customized Websites

It's important that your website is unique and stands out from the crowd. Our designers focus on your brand and eliminates the cookie-cutter approach.

Search Optimized

Having your website buried on the web helps no one. Our websites are designed to help your users and help the search engines rank you where you belong - at the top!

Process Driven

This isn't our first website project. We have a tried and true process that helps us deliver a high-quality website on the timeline we promised.

Collaboration for Success

How We Work

Your product and goals are our #1 priority. We make websites to help move your brand and business to the next level. We work along side your team to understand what your customer wants and how we need to develop a site that has them converting. We align with your strategy and goals to make a product you are proud to sign-off on.

We work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure the content and design align with your branding and messaging. We do the heavy-lifting. You give us the approval. 

Website Timelines and Deliverables

How Long Does it Take to Make a Website?

Each project is different, but we've made enough websites to know how long on average it takes to make a successful website. Our base website plans make it easy to give you exact deadlines and deliverables - making it easy for you to market the launch of your new website.
On average, our websites will take anywhere from two to six months, depending on scope.

The more features, pages, and custom functionalities a website requires, the longer it will take to develop. E-commerce sites, for example, tend to take longer due to the complexity of online shopping systems.

We develop websites and webpages that rank online. That means we need to create amazing content. Developing great pages can take time and research. The more pages you have (and you want to rank for), the longer the process may take.

We know your day job is not simply “looking at website drafts”. Our process gives ample time to review our content, design, and functions. 

Pricing Your Website is Easy

How Much Does Building a Website Cost?

Brochure Website

$ 2,995
We can create you a mobile-friendly, responsive website that won't break the bank. This option comes with 7 pages and personalized branding.
  • WordPress
  • Theme Included
  • 7 Optimized pages
  • Google Analytics and Search Console Setup

Marketing Website

$ 5,995
Let's make a content-rich website filled with the keywords you want to rank for. We can customize a theme and focus on getting those website clicks.
  • WordPress
  • Theme Included
  • 20 Optimized Pages
  • Google Analytics and Search Console Setup

Ranking Website

$ 8,995
We will work together to create a digital marketing plan, make the modifications needed to fit your brand, and dominate the Search Engines.
  • WordPress
  • Theme Included
  • 50 Optimized Pages
  • Google Analytics and Search Console Setup

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