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Natalie Jeffers

Natalie has branding in her blood. Natalie’s journey to agency life started as a talent and understands the importance of marketing and branding.

Natalie continues to use her creativity to build marketing campaigns that break through the noise and help clients gain market share and most importantly – customers. 

Successful Partnerships

"Together, we create the magic that opens the doors of opportunity!"

Natalie Jeffers
Career of Branding & Creativity

Background & Success

Natalie truly wants to hear about your story. Her ability to connect the dots of real life and create a narrative that helps move a customer further in their journey is one of Natalie’s greatest skills.



Natalie developed a knowledge and understanding of branding from the start - but made it official with a college degree in Marketing from West Liberty University.
Natalie is a West Virginia native that has built a strong local reputation with her ability to connect with people. Natalie’s past involves public performance – an accomplished singer/musician from an early age. She’s leveraged her career in entertainment and has helped brands and businesses understand the importance of a great marketing plan. 

Branding is about being authentic and finding your audience. You can’t be something you are not. Finding what separates you and your company from the rest and highlighting these features/benefits are, at the core, the start of strong branding.

Our Core Values

Strong Individuals, Stronger Team

Continuous Improvement

You can't sleep in the world of marketing. We are always working to learn more and become better at everything we do.


We do what we say we are going to do and we're not scared to show our work. We are transparent and excellent.


Understanding the "why" is an important aspect of success. We've created processes to make it easy to understand and do.

Respect the Process

We have a proven process that deliver results. Trust and respect our proven process and you will see results.

Why Work with a Marketing Agency?

Strong Minds are Fueled by Strong Minded Agency


Digital, Radio, Billboard, TV, Cable, and Newspaper, and More - we've done it all.


Our connections allow us to get you the help you need and get in front of the people that matter.


We've spent years perfecting our process to save you time and money - reaching your goals faster.


Let us help you move in the right direction with honestly, transparency, and guidance.

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