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Quality Standards
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Established in 1929, Wheeling Country Day School is a non-profit, independent school for children ranging from preschool through eighth grade.
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Website Development

When globablly recognized and wrestling internet pioneeer Colt Cabana didn’t have a mobile friendly website, I had to step in and help. Working along with Colt, we developed a new responsive website to help promote his weekly podcast series, online videos, and upcoming appearances.

Wheeling Country Day School’s current website was 20+ pages – not counting any blogs or events that were lingering from years past. This project would have us developing over 50 pages, helping organize the content and make it easier for search engines to find.

Every website needs to be useful – but we had another major goal. We needed the website to embody the feeling you get when you step foot inside 8 Park Road. Wheeling Country Day School is a different breed of school. This independent school has kids learning…everywhere. It’s not your standard – desk neatly in a row – kind of school. We needed to make sure the website had that same feeling…as soon as your page loaded.

Communication is key when it comes to the parent-teacher relationship. You can’t rely on a note coming home in a backpack anymore. This project would put a high focus on providing the necessary information for potential questions. Whether it be “what’s for lunch” or “when does school drop-off start”, the website would make it a one-stop-shop for information.

Social Media Management

You really don’t want or need your children’s teachers focusing on what they are going to post on social media for the day. We want our teachers to be focused on our children. This is why we’ve developed a system to give our parents a glimpse inside the classrooms, but also not burden the teachers with the nuisances of posting online.

Wheeling Country Day School gives us PLENTY of content. Their teachers capture so many great moments of the students learning. Our goal was to help bring some of those special moments to the social media feed – spreading the word of how things work at WCDS – while also giving parents and grandparents a chance to throw some social media “hearts” in the feed. 

As much as we just want to fill the feed with pictures of Pre-Schooler’s, we know that there’s a large majority that use social media to stay informed. This is why we make sure to highlight upcoming admission events, field trips, and parent functions. 

Where can you find Wheeling Country Day School online? A little bit of everywhere. Facebook is a great place to share our pictures and events. Our photos always do well on Instagram. WCDS takes full advantage of live streaming on YouTube. And if you want to share some thought leadership, you can find WCDS on LinkedIn.

Creative Services

Wheeling Country Day School is filled with creative individuals. Our goal is to help their ideas come to fruition. When Luke Hladek shared is amazing idea for a promotional video, we joined right in and was ready to do some of the heavy-lifting. 

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